Welcome to Chatbots Factory! Developing a chatbot from scratch takes time and costs a lot of money.For small and medium sized businesses a big budget for a chatbot isn’t realistic but why shouldn’t smaller businesses be able to jump on this incredible journey of chatbots?

At Chatbots Factory small and medium sized businesses can buy prebuilt chatbot templates, the process takes just a few minutes. The chatbot is delivered in a few hours and can be up and running on your Facebook page in less than 24 hours. If your company need more additional work on the chatbot or any support during the installation you can chose to add those packages at the checkout.


The chatbots are delivered through Chatfuel, a drag and drop interface where you can easily modify your chatbot for your business. When you buy a prebuilt template through Chatbots Factory you don`t buy the code, you buy the template. If you are looking to build something more advanced and custom you can fill out our form here.

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Our plugins

We develop custom plugins for Chatfuel.

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